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Camino Verde Iconic Guitars In Life SizeCamino Verde Iconic Guitars In Life Size
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Framus Framus VintageFramus Framus Vintage
12409 Р
12409 Р

Framus Framus Vintage

Framus Framus Vintage, Framus Vintage Instrumente Book Framus Vintage Instruments, from Hans-Peter Wilfer, Framus vintage records all between 1946 and late 1970's resulting musical instruments manufacturer and the...
Hal Leonard Gibson's Learn & Master BonusHal Leonard Gibson's Learn & Master Bonus
11433 Р
11433 Р

Hal Leonard Gibson's Learn & Master Bonus

E-guitar workshop on 10 DVDs Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Bonus Workshops: Set of 10 DVDs, Complementary to Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar", Each workshop supplements the corresponding session of the learning..."
Centerstream Burst Believers IVCenterstream Burst Believers IV
10491 Р
10491 Р

Centerstream Burst Believers IV

Centerstream Burst Believers IV: part 4 of the series of reference books about the Gibson Les Paul Sunburst, by Vic DaPra and David Plues, with hundreds of photos, ISBN 9781574243772, HL00287873, DIN A4, 268 pages, in...
Centerstream Burst Believers IIICenterstream Burst Believers III
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