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Advance Music Das Jazz Piano BuchAdvance Music Das Jazz Piano Buch
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Advance Music Das Jazz Piano Buch

Advance Music, Das Jazz Piano Buch, By Mark Levine: Basic techniques and advanced playing techniques of Art Tatum to Mulgrew Miller, Contents: Eine Bemerkung zur Terminologie, Intervalle und Dreiklange, Die Modi der...
Leu Verlag Der Keyboard ProfiLeu Verlag Der Keyboard Profi
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Leu Verlag Der Keyboard Profi

"Leu Verlag Der Keyboard Profi, By Immanuel Brockhaus: From Jazz to Pop with keys (Piano,Hammond,Synthesizer,Clavinet & Co.), Theoretical basics, Voicings, Accompaniments, Harmonisation, Improvisation, Grooves, Tipps for..."
Schott So spielen Sie Bar PianoSchott So spielen Sie Bar Piano
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Schott So spielen Sie Bar Piano

Schott So Spielen Sie Bar Piano: Written by Simon Schott, Piano techniques to play by heart and improvise, Incl.CD with many audio examples, Pocket book, 269 pages, SPL1018, ISBN 978-3-7957-5109-8, In German language...
Schott Rhythm-Styles For PianoSchott Rhythm-Styles For Piano
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Schott Rhythm-Styles For Piano

Schott Rhythm-Styles For Piano: new edition, by Bernd Frank, the most important accompaniment patterns for piano playing, ISMN 9790001208932, SPL 1105, A4, 130 pages, in German language, incl.download to demo recordings
Helbling Verlag Liedbegleitung und Klavierimp.Helbling Verlag Liedbegleitung und Klavierimp.
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Helbling Verlag Liedbegleitung und Klavierimp.

Helbling Verlag Liedbegleitung und Klavierimprovisation, Song accompaniment and piano improvisation, by Ralph accompany Abelein and Jyrki Tenni, Stylish songs, appropriately harmonize melodies, creative improvising ...
Hal Leonard Keyboard Lesson 100 JazzHal Leonard Keyboard Lesson 100 Jazz
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Hal Leonard Keyboard Lesson 100 Jazz

Hal Leonard Keyboard Lesson Goldmine: 100 Jazz Lessons, Perfect for Keyboard students who want to expand their knowledge, the Keyboard Lesson Goldmine series contains four books: Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock, 100...
Hal Leonard Keyboard Lesson: 100 BluesHal Leonard Keyboard Lesson: 100 Blues
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