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Leu Verlag Der Keyboard ProfiLeu Verlag Der Keyboard Profi
5286 Р
5286 Р

Leu Verlag Der Keyboard Profi

"Leu Verlag Der Keyboard Profi, By Immanuel Brockhaus: From Jazz to Pop with keys (Piano,Hammond,Synthesizer,Clavinet & Co.), Theoretical basics, Voicings, Accompaniments, Harmonisation, Improvisation, Grooves, Tipps for..."
Schott So spielen Sie Bar PianoSchott So spielen Sie Bar Piano
5168 Р
5168 Р

Schott So spielen Sie Bar Piano

Schott So Spielen Sie Bar Piano: Written by Simon Schott, Piano techniques to play by heart and improvise, Incl.CD with many audio examples, Pocket book, 269 pages, SPL1018, ISBN 978-3-7957-5109-8, In German language...
Advance Music Das Jazz Piano BuchAdvance Music Das Jazz Piano Buch
5168 Р
5168 Р

Advance Music Das Jazz Piano Buch

Advance Music, Das Jazz Piano Buch, By Mark Levine: Basic techniques and advanced playing techniques of Art Tatum to Mulgrew Miller, Contents: Eine Bemerkung zur Terminologie, Intervalle und Dreiklange, Die Modi der...
Hal Leonard Jazz C EditionHal Leonard Jazz C Edition
4608 Р
4608 Р

Hal Leonard Jazz C Edition

Hal Leonard Jazz Session Trainer: The Woodshedder's Practice Kit C Edition, by Layy Dunlap, Jazz Session Trainer is the ideal resource for those players who want to hone their improvising skills, improve their chops,...