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Синхронизаторы / Тактовые генераторы

E-RM MIDIclock+E-RM MIDIclock+
23113 Р
23113 Р

E-RM MIDIclock+

E-RM MIDIclock+, MIDI Masterclock, Live- and Normal-Mode adjustable, rotary Knob to change BPM, Play/Pause Switch, Resync/Reset Switch, two MIDI-Out, USB-Connection, LED-Display, USB bus-powered or optional Power...
13128 Р
13128 Р


RME WCM HDSP9632 - word I/O clock module for RME HDSP9632, HDSPe AIO and HDSPe RayDAT
Rosendahl MIF4Rosendahl MIF4
68202 Р
68202 Р

Rosendahl MIF4

Rosendahl MIF4 - generates LTC and MTC from LTC or MTC, VideoSync reference input, USB-MIDI interface, large timecode display (0.5" LED), MMC controlled MTC/LTC generator via MIDI or USB, digital MTC jitter filter ...
Steinberg Nuendo SyncStationSteinberg Nuendo SyncStation

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation

Steinberg Nuendo SyncStation, SD/HD Hardware Synchronizer, All important synchronization tasks are fulfilled within one unit, The world's first sample accurate synchronizer in conjunction with VST System Link, Dedicated...


SND ACME-4- Advanced Clock Management Engine- ACME-4 creates 4 precise and Jitter-free synchronisation signals- output formats: MIDI clock, analog Trigger, DIN-Sync 24- Master tempo can be generated from the internal...
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Mutec iClock P/NVSG-02

Mutec P/NVSG-02, 2. synchronizable PAL/NTSC video sync generator for iclock
Antelope Isochrone 10MXAntelope Isochrone 10MX

Antelope Isochrone 10MX

Reference Generator - Master Clock Redundant power supply for maximum operational safety (AC and DC), 10 BNC outputs Sinusoidal, 10 MHz, 75 ohms, 1Vpp typical (unload), Compatible with all devices with 10 MHz ext. sync...
Mutec iClock dp w/ PSU

Mutec iClock dp w/ PSU

Mutec iClock dp with Redundant Power Supply - synchronizable digital audio clock synthesizer with integrated PAL/NTSC video + AES/EBU + S/PDIF sync generators, high-accuracy reference generation with an accuracy of
Mutec REF 10 blackMutec REF 10 black

Mutec REF 10 black

Mutec REF 10, reference master clock generating 10 MHz signals with industry-leading low phase noise (i.e. jitter), simultaneous reference outputs with 50 and 75 Ohms impedance for maximum compatibility with clocks and...