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Литература по гармонии

Schott Harmonielehre PraxisbuchSchott Harmonielehre Praxisbuch
5318 Р
5318 Р

Schott Harmonielehre Praxisbuch

Schott Harmonielehre, Das Groe Praxisbuch, By Christoph Hempel: Harmonics, Practical textbook, The musical epoques and styles from the Middle Ages up to Present Age, Integrated harmonics for Jazz and Pop music, With...
AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz HarmonyAMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony
5092 Р
5092 Р

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony, Die Klangwelt der Rock- und Jazzmusik verstehen, by Mathias Löffler: harmony theory for beginners,advanced and near-professionals, from basic musical knowledge to basic functional...
Schott Neue Jazz-HarmonielehreSchott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre
4979 Р
4979 Р

Schott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre

Schott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre - jazz harmony textbook by Frank Sikora, from theory to improvisation, includes 2 CDs. German language.
Schott Jazz HarmonySchott Jazz Harmony
4866 Р
4866 Р

Schott Jazz Harmony

Textbook on Harmony By Frank Sikora, From theory to improvisation, Establishing the relationship between theory, hearing and instrument, With numerous practical exercises and examples, Audio tracks and solution part,...
Schott Ear TrainingSchott Ear Training
4866 Р
4866 Р

Schott Ear Training

Schott Ear Training by Tom van der Geld: for jazz, rock and pop musicians- with CD-ROM- integrated with Jazz Harmony- This book is encyclopaedic in its coverage from A to Z of the basics of jazz theory, it is...
Robert Kreutzer Stutze!! AtemtechnikRobert Kreutzer Stutze!! Atemtechnik
4639 Р