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Schott audite PLUSSchott audite PLUS
4252 Р
4252 Р

Schott audite PLUS

"Schott audite PLUS, By Daniel Frei and Martin Sturm: Ear training software with accompanying book, Self-study ear training in six levels, Listening and determining intervals, Listening and playing the piano, Writing and..."
Schott Fellow GuitarbookSchott Fellow Guitarbook
4252 Р
4252 Р

Schott Fellow Guitarbook

Schott Fellow Guitarbook by Thomas Fellow - harmonics and song accompaniment for guitar in notation, includes DVD and CD. German language .
Schott Harmonielehre PraxisbuchSchott Harmonielehre Praxisbuch
3992 Р
3992 Р

Schott Harmonielehre Praxisbuch

Schott Harmonielehre, Das Groe Praxisbuch, By Christoph Hempel: Harmonics, Practical textbook, The musical epoques and styles from the Middle Ages up to Present Age, Integrated harmonics for Jazz and Pop music, With...
AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz HarmonyAMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony
3818 Р
3818 Р

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony

AMA Verlag Rock & Jazz Harmony, Die Klangwelt der Rock- und Jazzmusik verstehen, by Mathias Löffler: harmony theory for beginners,advanced and near-professionals, from basic musical knowledge to basic functional...
Schott Neue Jazz-HarmonielehreSchott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre
3818 Р
3818 Р

Schott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre

Schott Neue Jazz-Harmonielehre - jazz harmony textbook by Frank Sikora, from theory to improvisation, includes 2 CDs. German language.
Schott Jazz HarmonySchott Jazz Harmony
3645 Р