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Electronic Drum Sound Modules

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum ModuleATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module
108616 Р
97557 Р
108616 Р
97557 Р

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module, five drum kits, non-compressed stereo-WAV multilayer samples, supports almost all Roland, Yamaha and drum-tec Pads, 8 pad inputs with multicore, two stereo 1/4" jack inputs for...'
Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic ProcessorRoland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor
33330 Р
33330 Р

Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

ELCajon microphone processor Incl. Clip microphone for Cajons, The microphone is attached to the soundhole of the Cajon, The processor amplifies the acoustic sound of the cajon, passes it on to the amplifier or mixer...
Roland TM-2 Trigger ModuleRoland TM-2 Trigger Module
26417 Р
26417 Р

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Trigger Module Compact trigger module for drummers with acoustical drumsets wanting to extend their kit with electronical sounds, Over 100 internal sounds, SDHC Slot for playback of own samples, loops and even songs...
Korg ClipHitKorg ClipHit
13411 Р

Korg ClipHit
13411 Р

13411 Р

Korg ClipHit

Korg ClipHit Перкуссионный пэд, Источник питания: Предлагается отдельно · Штатив: Нет
Finhol Laser Kick Two In OneFinhol Laser Kick Two In One

Finhol Laser Kick Two In One

"Finhol Laser Kick Two In One, consits of the integrated Auto Stomp Player MK II (#343538) and the integrated Stompbox - based on a laser-based non-Contact trigger, redlightlaser – sensor/laserclass 1, 2 selector switch:..."
Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade PackRoland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack

Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack

Roland TD-50P Digital Upgrade Pack Allows the upgrade of (not only) Roland E-Drums up to date Drum module Roland TD-50, Digital snare pad Roland PD-140DS, Digital Ride Cymbal Pad Roland CY-18DR 100 drum kits,...
Roland TD-50 Drum ModuleRoland TD-50 Drum Module

Roland TD-50 Drum Module

Drum Module 100 Drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology, Plays WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for easy multi-track recording with only one USB cable, Trigger in jack x 14: 6.3mm,...
DDrum DDTI Trigger InterfaceDDrum DDTI Trigger Interface

DDrum DDTI Trigger Interface

DDrum DDTI Trigger Interface, Trigger-to-Midi-Interface, 10x TRS trigger inputs for single or dual zone trigger, 20 programmable presets for storing and recalling various set-ups. USB port to connect to your...