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7A барабанные палочки

Millenium E-Drum Add-On PackMillenium E-Drum Add-On Pack
6508 Р
6508 Р

Millenium E-Drum Add-On Pack

Millenium E-Drum Add-On Pack, Set containing Millenium Drummer Throne - Bass Drum Pedal - 7A Hornbeam Sticks - t.bone Headphone, Millenium PD-111 Pro Bass Drum Pedal, Millenium MDT4 Drum Throne Round, the t.bone HP...
Ahead 7A SticksAhead 7A Sticks
3863 Р
3863 Р

Ahead 7A Sticks

AHead 7A Палочки, Материал: Алюминий · Материал наконечника: Нейлон · Длина: 397 мм
Vater 7A Manhattan PackVater 7A Manhattan Pack
3584 Р
3584 Р

Vater 7A Manhattan Pack

Vater 7A Drumsticks special pack, 4 pairs of American hickory wood,size 7A, wood tip, Manhattan Model, longer than an average 7A with a small round tip for defined cymbal work. Length: 16". Diameter: 0.540"'
Kuppmen 7A Rebouncontrol SticksKuppmen 7A Rebouncontrol Sticks
3490 Р
3490 Р

Kuppmen 7A Rebouncontrol Sticks

Kuppmen 7A Rebouncontrol Sticks, E-Drum Sticks with similar drum feel as on playing acoustic drum kits, same weight as wooden sticks, diametre 13,5mm, length 39,3cm, sold in pairs.
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3311 Р
3311 Р

Vic Firth 7A American Hickory Value Pack

Vic Firth 7A American Classic Hickory Pack, containing 4 Pairs Vic Firth Woodtip Drumsticks with tear drop wood tips. Perfect for light jazz and combo. Length: 15 1/2", Diameter: 0.540".'
Techra XCarb 7a Carbon SticksTechra XCarb 7a Carbon Sticks
3311 Р
3311 Р

Techra XCarb 7a Carbon Sticks

Techra XCarb 7a Carbon Sticks, Sticks out of extrem durable Carbon, 20% less weight than a similar wooden stick, length: 404mm, diameter: 13,6mm
Kuppmen 7A Carbon Fiber SticksKuppmen 7A Carbon Fiber Sticks
3201 Р