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Школа по кахону

Alfred Music Publishing Fundamental Method Mallets 1Alfred Music Publishing Fundamental Method Mallets 1
6949 Р
6949 Р

Alfred Music Publishing Fundamental Method Mallets 1

Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Fundamental Method For Mallets, Book 1, By Mitchell Peters: Two Mallet Technique, Four Mallet Technique, Reading Studies, Technical Exercises, In English language
Baff Beatbook Cajon Lehrbuch
6760 Р
6760 Р

Baff Beatbook Cajon Lehrbuch

Baff 711, Beatbook, The interactive Teaching-Book is designed for the practual use in kindergarden, school and music-group and as well for the individual use. It teaches on a fun way the basic of the instruments...
Helbling Verlag Magic Groove BoxHelbling Verlag Magic Groove Box
6640 Р
6640 Р

Helbling Verlag Magic Groove Box

Helbling Verlag Magic Groove Box,The Cajon in playgroup and class, from Richard Filz and Ulrich Moritz, An imaginative practice Songbook for everyone who trommeln- with groups not only in school ! Das neuartige...
CodaMusic Cajon Die GrooveboxCodaMusic Cajon Die Groovebox
4745 Р
4745 Р

CodaMusic Cajon Die Groovebox

CodaMusic Cajon Die Groovebox, Cajon The Groovebox by Holger Denckmann and Ruven Ruppik, Learn to play cajon, This school is explained on more than 190 pages the whole musical potential of Cajon by using different...
Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Marimba lernenAlfred Music Publishing Garantiert Marimba lernen
4658 Р
4658 Р

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Marimba lernen

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Marimba lernen: marimba school for beginners and advanced players, by Elisabeth Amandi, with 300 international songs and concert pieces, easy to advanced level of difficulty, ISBN...
PPV Medien Cajon FitnessPPV Medien Cajon Fitness
4639 Р
4639 Р

PPV Medien Cajon Fitness

PPV Medien Cajon Fitness, by Michael Schwager, Your individual training plan for quick success, safest games, dexterity, rhythm, the 10-minute workout for better Cajon-game improvement in the dynamic game, extension...
Alfred Music Publishing Cajon Book GermanAlfred Music Publishing Cajon Book German
4603 Р
4603 Р

Alfred Music Publishing Cajon Book German

Alfred Music Publishing Cajon Book – for Quereinsteiger, Fortgeschrittene & Pros: cajon school for beginners and advanced drummers, by Matthias Philipzen, ISBN 9783947998340, ALF 20296G, DIN A4, 132 pages, incl. CD with...