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Shout Publications Komplette GesangstechnikShout Publications Komplette Gesangstechnik
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Shout Publications Komplette Gesangstechnik

Shout Publications Komplette Gesangstechnik, Komplette Gesangstechnik, Complete Vocal Technique,by Cathrine Sadolin, Download inclusive: CVT Sound Library: Ever 417 example and vocal exercises for man and woman...
Robert Kreutzer Stutze!! AtemtechnikRobert Kreutzer Stutze!! Atemtechnik
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Robert Kreutzer Stutze!! Atemtechnik

Robert Kreutzer Stutze!! Atemtechnik for Blaser,Sanger Und Sprecher, By Robert Kreutzer: Breathing techniques for wind players,singers and speakers, Theoretic analysis and practice, New definition of the complete...
Voggenreiter Das Groe Buch Der Stimme +DVDVoggenreiter Das Groe Buch Der Stimme +DVD
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Voggenreiter Das Groe Buch Der Stimme +DVD

Voggenreiter Das Groe Buch Der Stimme +DVD, By Renate Braun: A working book for all singers, New singing styles and -techniques, How to perfect the voice, How to develop a unique sound, Tips on microphones and amps,...
PPV Medien Work Out Your VoicePPV Medien Work Out Your Voice
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PPV Medien Work Out Your Voice

"PPV Medien Work Out Your Voice. Tips and tricks for singers. Vocalcoaching, Performance and Songwriting. Create your individual training plan. By Annette Marquard. Spiral Binding. ISBN: 978-3-95512-133-4"
Barenreiter Dirigieren for ChorleiterBarenreiter Dirigieren for Chorleiter
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Barenreiter Dirigieren for Chorleiter

Barenreiter Dirigieren for Chorleiter, By Christfried Brodel: Conducting for choirmasters, Techniques of conducting from meter,cue,fermatas and tempo segues, Contents: Entwicklung und Wesen des Dirigierens, ...
Schott Die AtemschuleSchott Die Atemschule
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