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Showtec Stage Blinder 4 BlazeShowtec Stage Blinder 4 Blaze
76474 Р
76474 Р

Showtec Stage Blinder 4 Blaze

Showtec Stage Blinder 4 Blaze, classic audience Blinder with new technology, 4x 100W Dual-White COB LED, SMD RGB LED Blaze, 2100-3200K, 18500 lm, Control Modes: Auto, Music Timing, Master / Slave, DMX512 (DMX Channels...
Showtec Stage Blinder 2 BlazeShowtec Stage Blinder 2 Blaze
49762 Р
49762 Р

Showtec Stage Blinder 2 Blaze

Showtec Stage Blinder 2 Blaze, 200 W LED Blinder IP65, simulates the dimming behavior and color temperature of a halogen blinder, RGB backlight of the LED pods, allows strobe effects, repetition rate of the LEDs: 4000...
Cameo  Matrix Panel 10 W RGBCameo  Matrix Panel 10 W RGB
44852 Р
44852 Р

Cameo Matrix Panel 10 W RGB

Cameo Matrix Panel 10 W RGB, 5 x 5 RGB LED matrix panel with single pixel control, for flicker-free light beams and exciting blinder, chase and strobe effects, with recessed bars on all sides, matrix panels can be...
ADJ Encore Burst 100IPADJ Encore Burst 100IP
44020 Р
44020 Р

ADJ Encore Burst 100IP

ADJ Encore Burst 100IP- 125 Watt Warm White Outdoor LED Spotlight- powerful COB LED for a bright and flat illumination- Double hanger with quick lock for included omega bracket- magnetic holder for fixing a diffusion...
Showtec Vintage Blaze `55Showtec Vintage Blaze `55
44020 Р
44020 Р

Showtec Vintage Blaze `55

Retro Look Spotlight With an HPL tungsten lamp and RGB LED flame background effect, strobe function and colour macros, The combination of both light sources creates atmospheric scenes on stage and can even be used for...
DTS Blinder 2000 Set 2x 650WDTS Blinder 2000 Set 2x 650W
35724 Р
35724 Р

DTS Blinder 2000 Set 2x 650W

DTS Blinder 2000 Set 2x 650W with lamp DWE 120V/650 Watt DTS Blinder Flash 2000 L, 2 pc. GE Lighting PAR36 650 W 120V DWE
Showtec Sunstrip II BundleShowtec Sunstrip II Bundle
35656 Р