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10" стальные малые барабаны

Mapex 10"x5,5" Wasp SnareMapex 10"x5,5" Wasp Snare
33676 Р
33676 Р

Mapex 10"x5,5" Wasp Snare

Tama 10" Soundworks Steel Snare
23508 Р
23508 Р

Tama 10" Soundworks Steel Snare

Tama 10"x5,5" Soundworks Steel Snare, DST1055M, Soundworks Series, Shell: 1,2mm steel shell, 1,6mm tripple flanged hoop (6 holes), Evans G1 Batter Head and Evans Resonant Head, 20 strand steel strand, included MC69...
Pearl 10"x05" Fire Cracker SnarePearl 10"x05" Fire Cracker Snare
20024 Р
20024 Р

Pearl 10"x05" Fire Cracker Snare

Pearl Fire Cracker Series FCS-1050 – 10 x 5" snare drum with 1mm steel shell and 1.6mm steel hoops.
Tama 10"x5,5" Metalworks Bl. SteelTama 10"x5,5" Metalworks Bl. Steel
13562 Р
13562 Р

Tama 10"x5,5" Metalworks Bl. Steel

Tama 10"x5,5" Metalworks Black Steel snare drum, BST1055MBK, shell: 1.2mm steel, finish: matte black, black hardware, 1.6mm triple flanged hoops, carbon steel strainer 16 strings, including mount,'
Millenium SD105 10"x05" Steel Side SnareMillenium SD105 10"x05" Steel Side Snare
10316 Р
10316 Р

Millenium SD105 10"x05" Steel Side Snare

Millenium SD105 - 10" x 5 1/2" snare drum with metal shell. Includes rims, multi-clamp and 'L' rod.
Tama MT1055MC-SOM Metalw. SnareTama MT1055MC-SOM Metalw. Snare

Tama MT1055MC-SOM Metalw. Snare

Tama MT1055MC-SOM Metalworks Snare Drum, Coloured Limited Edition, 10" x 5,5", shell: steel 1,2 mm, finish: satin orange metallic, tripple flanged hoops, chrome shell hardware, strainer: MCS70A/B, snare wire:...
Mapex 10"x5,5" Snare "The Stinger"Mapex 10"x5,5" Snare "The Stinger"

Mapex 10"x5,5" Snare "The Stinger"

Mapex Black Panther Series Snare, "The Stinger" Model, 10"x5,5", Shell: 1mm steel shell, Colour: Chrome, Sonic Saver Hoops, Chrome Hardware, traditional 45° bearing edge, Tune this drum high and hit it hard, it’ll...
Gretsch 10"x05" Brooklyn Chrome/SteelGretsch 10"x05" Brooklyn Chrome/Steel

Gretsch 10"x05" Brooklyn Chrome/Steel

Gretsch Snare Drum Brooklyn series, GB4161S, Size: 10"x05", Chrome over Steel Snare Drum, 2 mm rolled steel shell with knurled pattern, chrome finish with chrome hardware, 2.3mm double-flanged hoops, Gretsch...